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Alpha Bravo Development is a top rated app and software development company based in Miami, FL. 

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Who We Are

Alpha Bravo Development is a team of driven individuals working together to deliver superior app and software development services to clients nation-wide. 

Our team is compiled of over 100+ software developers directed by a team of client-focused project managers.

About Us

Your Trusted App & Software Development Team:

Project Managers

Our project managers are responsible for maintaining client satisfaction and ensuring that your development is on schedule and goes according to plan. 

Software Developers

Our software developers are highly vetted and extremely talented. They work full time on your project to deliver your idea exactly how you vision it. 

Quality Assurance Managers

Our quality assurance managers are responsible for ensuring your app works as intended and does not have issues prior to launch. They work hand-in-hand with your developers to identify and resolve bugs or glitches. 

UI/UX Designers

Our graphic designers are experts at crafting stunning user interfaces for your app development. They work diligently to ensure your app stands out in the marketplace. 

360° Project Support

From the first line of code to your first user and beyond, we’re dedicated to your app’s success.

About Us
Intensive Research

We’ll research the development, marketing, and sales aspects of your app or software. 

About Us
App Prototyping & Mockups

We’ll create and design a functional prototype and deliver world-class mockups for your app idea. 

About Us
iOS, Android & Web Development

We’ll research the development, marketing, and sales aspects of your app or software. 

About Us
Hosting, Security & Support

We’ll support and host your app or software post-launch and continue developing new features. 

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About Us

Our Story

Alpha Bravo Development was founded in 2017 destined to help small, medium sized businesses, and entrepreneurs break into the technology world of apps and software. 

Since then, we’ve helped over 100+ clients turn their technical ideas into reality at affordable costs. 

To browse our previous work, click here to download our portfolio. 

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