How App Owners Make Money

There are many different ways that app owners can make money off of owning an app. In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into some of the different ways to monetize an app. 

Building an app can be very costly. At Alpha Bravo Development, our app development services range from $10k-$150k+ for a single app, so if you’re thinking of investing that kind of capital into a new venture, you’ll want to make sure there is a clear way to make that money back, and then some. 


Charging Users On A Monthly Basis

One of the most popular (and profitable) methods to monetize an app or software is charging users a monthly subscription. The really great thing about subscriptions is that your monthly revenue is very scalable and predictable (investors love that). If you do the math, your monthly revenue can really get interesting depending on the number of users, as well as the monthly cost. 


Allowing Ads On Your App Or Software

Selling ads is a great way to monetize your app or software. The most obvious benefit of using ads to monetize your app is that people will be able to use your app at no cost, since your business model is to make money off of advertisers. There are many different solutions that app and software owners can use in order to effectively scale their ad revenue. 


Licensing Your App To Another Company

Depending on what your specific app or software is, another, likely larger company, may be interested in singing a licensing deal with you. An example of this may be if you own an e-learning app, and school districts want to be a licensee of your app to provide your content to their students. 


Selling Your App To Another Company 

Apps and software are bought and sold all of the time. If you’ve created an app that solves a new problem or can provide value to another company’s portfolio, you may be approached with an offer to sell your platform! 


At Alpha Bravo Development, we help our client build, monetize, and scale their apps or software. To learn more about how we can help you, reach out to us to get a free quote and consultation