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We’re highly experienced and talented in developing construction software and mobile apps. 

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AEC Software & App Development

Alpha Bravo Development provides custom software development services for businesses in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

Our team of highly-skilled, experienced developers can create custom software solutions that assist with a wide range of business processes, from accounting and payroll to project management and scheduling.

We will work with you through all stages of the AEC software development process, including: 

  • Research and prototyping
  • Frontend and backend software development
  • Software testing and launch
  • Ongoing customer support and marketing

It doesn’t matter if you work in the AEC industry directly or are an independent vendor. We’re here for you at Alpha Bravo Development.

AEC Software Development

Full Service Custom Construction Software Development

AEC Accounting, Finance, and Payroll

AEC Bid Management Software

AEC Software Development

AEC Scheduling & Submittals

Time & Attendance Tracking

Fully Custom Loan Origination & Servicing Software Development
AEC Software Development

AEC Accounting Software

Our team of developers at Alpha Bravo Development can create custom accounting software with the unique needs of AEC businesses in mind. This includes everything from creating business and project budgets to tracking key metrics like projects’ cost to completion and earned revenue. 

AEC Finance Software

In addition to creating custom accounting software, we can also develop custom finance software for AEC businesses.

Our custom AEC finance software is easy to navigate and seamlessly integrates with other key tools, like asset tracking software and third-party accounting programs. We’ll help you keep track of your business’s finances with ease and set your AEC company up for long-term profitability.

Custom Payroll Software

Payroll management is a common challenge for a lot of AEC business owners, especially as your business starts to grow and you begin working with various contractors, subcontractors, etc.

With the help of custom payroll software from Alpha Bravo Development, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of time cards, generating pay stubs, setting up automated payments, and more.

Construction Bid Management Software

Internal Cost Tracking

Robust bid management software makes life much easier for AEC businesses — especially when that software includes an internal cost tracking system.

With custom AEC bid management software, you can keep an eye on internal costs for materials, labor, and more — and make sure they’re correctly factored into your bid proposals. 

AEC Bid Proposal Software

Do you dread putting together bid proposals for your customers? Is this process too tedious or time-consuming for your to handle?

With the help of AEC bid management software, you can simplify the proposal building process and create custom proposals that work for you and your clients.

AEC CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software helps businesses of all kinds to keep track of their customers, stay in touch, monitor communications, and increase conversions.

The right CRM software — designed with AEC companies in mind — will ensure current, previous, and potential customers don’t fall through the cracks. This, in turn, helps you maintain strong relationships and run a thriving business for years to come.

AEC Software Development
AEC Project & Equipment Management Software
AEC Software Development

AEC Project & Equipment Management Software

Equipment management software allows AEC crews and managers to keep track of their essential equipment, tools, and assets — whether they’re on or off-site.

Custom equipment management software includes a variety of features. This includes tool tracking with barcode utilization and IoT technology, as well as real-time analytics dashboards to track fleet telematics, KPI reports, and more.

Custom Project Management Software

AEC project management software development is one of our most sought-after services. Project management software helps to simplify and streamline a variety of AEC operations, both on and off-site.

Alpha Bravo Development’s AEC project management software allows construction managers, engineers, and architects to create custom workflows and utilize a wide range of workroom tools.

Our team can also create custom mobile apps that work with your software and feature daily logs, voice recognition, automated time-stamping, and more.

GPS Tracking Software

The best AEC equipment management software should integrate with GPS platforms like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. This assists with vehicle and large equipment tracking and makes it easier for project managers to ensure everyone and everything is where they or it should be. 

Full Reporting Software

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for help with safety inspections or keeping track of revenue. You need AEC software with robust reporting features so you can track progress over time, identify trends and patterns, and make sure your business is moving in the right direction.

At Alpha Bravo Development, we create custom AEC project management software that can create a wide range of reports for you, your employees, and your investors.

AEC Scheduling & Submittals

AEC Scheduling Software

A robust AEC scheduling software helps business owners and managers create and manage a variety of schedules. This includes project completion schedules, employee and contractor schedules, and equipment schedules.

Alpha Bravo Development creates AEC scheduling software that manages all these different schedules with ease, making it easier for business owners to monitor progress and keep track of their employees and contractors.  

AEC Project Submittal Software

AEC submittal management software allows for fast and easy verification of shop drawings, product data, material samples, and more.

When you utilize these tools, you streamline the submittal process and ensure that your employees, partners, and customers receive the information they need as efficiently as possible.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software

Detailed, accurate time and attendance tracking are essential, not just for project and productivity management, but also for managing payroll.

Our team at Alpha Bravo Development can create custom time and attendance tracking tools that help you monitor staff time and attendance with ease. We can also integrate this software with your payroll software to ensure you’re paying your employees and contractors accurately and on time. 

Shift Scheduling Software

Your custom AEC software should include a staff shift builder or management system. This helps you ensure your work sites are always appropriately staffed based on skills, project requirements, and more.

Alpha Bravo Development will work with you to assess your shift scheduling needs and make sure you can generate schedules that work for everyone on your team. 

AEC Software Development
Full Service AEC Software Development

At Alpha Bravo Development, we specialize in custom software development for clients of all kinds — including those who work in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries.

If you need an AEC software development solution not mentioned above, get in touch with us today.

We’re happy to take on any project, regardless of size or scope, and create solutions that work for you and your business. We always accommodate our clients’ needs to help them achieve their business goals.

Want to learn more about our AEC software development services? Reach out to set up a consultation or get a free quote!

iOS App Development

Our team partners with clients to build iOS mobile apps using Xcode, AppCode, CodeRunner, Swift, Mockingbird, Adobe, and more.

Our iOS app pricing begins at $20k USD and typically takes 3-4 months for completion.
AEC Software Development
AEC Software Development

iOS Based App Development

Launch your app with Alpha Bravo Development on the iOS App Store.

AEC Software Development

Android App Development

We build both Android native and hybrid apps for the Google Play store. We focus on developing user-friendly, straightforward Android apps, then optimizing based on user data. 

Our Android app pricing begins at $20k USD and typically takes 3-4 months for completion.

Android Based App Development

Launch your app with Alpha Bravo Development on the Google Play Store.

AEC Software Development

Need Financing For Your App?

You’re in luck! We offer zero-interest financing plans with flexible terms for our app projects.

Skip the banks, long underwriting process, lengthly applications, and high interest payments. 


0.00% APR



*Financing is only offered to Alpha Bravo Development clients after a credit and financial evaluation.

AEC Software Development

Custom App Building Process

AEC Software Development
Research & Prototype

We start by researching and creating a mockup prototype of your iOS/Android app. 

AEC Software Development
Front/Backend Development

After prototype is complete, we begin to develop the frontend and backend of your custom app. 

AEC Software Development
Testing & Launch

After your app’s design and functionality is complete, we fully test then launch your product online. 

AEC Software Development
Support & Marketing

After your app is launched, we’ll continue to maintain, support, and market it. 

Custom Integrations & Development

As a custom software development company, Alpha Bravo Development takes on projects based on our clients’ needs. This means we can develop anything you need, including custom integrations for your existing learning management systems or student information systems. 

Our skilled programmers and developers have years of experience working with all kinds of learning management and student information systems.

Because of this experience, we can customize integrations to a variety of third-party systems and APIs. This includes some of the leading LMS and SIS options in the education sector, such as:

− Canvas
− Inquisiq LMS
− Adobe Captivate Prime
− SAP Litmos LMS
− Moodle
− Docebo

No task is too large or too small for us. Whether you need help with large-scale data migration or need to add a single feature or function, we have to tools and experience needed to get it done.

At Alpha Bravo Development, we’re happy to take on any custom development project that helps you run your school or business more efficiently and effectively.

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