E-Learning Software Development

We’re highly experienced and talented in developing E-Learning software and mobile apps. 

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E-Learning Software Development

Alpha Bravo Development offers E-Learning software development services, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), and other custom solutions.

We work with trade schools, primary schools, high schools, and higher education establishments like colleges and universities, as well as enterprise-level corporations and SMBs in the education sector.

Whether we’re working directly with a school or partnering with a small business, we strive to understand your unique needs and pain points. Then, we get to work creating custom software that aligns with your needs and helps you achieve your goals.
Our custom E-Learning software development services cover all aspects of the development process.

E-Learning Software Development

Full Service Custom E-Learning Development

Learning Management System (LMS)

Custom Integrations

E-Learning Software Development

Student Information System (SIS)

Fully Custom LMS Software Development
E-Learning Software Development

LMS Development

A learning management system (LMS) is a type of software that assists with many key aspects of producing and delivering E-Learning courses. This includes administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and automation.

Custom Course Creations & Management

We can help you create engaging courses that feature 2D and 3D graphics, gamification tools, and real-time communication tools. We’ll also include features for easy course management, platform navigation, and billing/subscription management.

Custom Communications

A robust learning management system will allow for simple, effective communication within the platform. This includes chat, voice calls, video conferencing, document sharing, and more.

Student, Teacher, Parent, & Admin Interfaces

Our team at Alpha Bravo Development understands the importance of versatility and develops different interfaces to accommodate different users. Our approach ensures that teachers, students, and other LMS users have easy access to the information and features they need — and don’t have to worry about the ones that aren’t relevant to them.

Fully Custom Student Information System Software Development

SIS Development

A student information system (SIS) allows organizations to manage student data with ease. This data includes personal information, contact information, grades, test records, attendance information, performance reviews, and more.
A student information system also makes it easy for various people to access student data — including teachers, parents, administrators, and the students themselves. 

Student Record & Document Management

Your SIS should make it easy for you to store, organize, and access student records and other key documents (such as transcripts, report cards, or reports from teachers). It should also allow you to easily share data with others (teachers, parents, students, etc.) while keeping it secure.

Enrollment & Scheduling

When you have access to a custom SIS, it’s much easier to handle processes like student enrollment and schedule management. Instead of spending hours or days taking care of these tasks manually, you can utilize custom software that automates many processes and allows you to easily access relevant information as you need it.

Self-Service Portal

Enable students and parents to access and manage their records and information, whether they’re at home, at school, or on the go. Not only is this option convenient for the students and their parents, but it also makes life easier for teachers and administrators. It eliminates one of the many tasks from their to-do lists and frees them up to focus on other important aspects of their jobs.

E-Learning Software Development

iOS App Development

Our team partners with clients to build iOS mobile apps using Xcode, AppCode, CodeRunner, Swift, Mockingbird, Adobe, and more.

Our iOS app pricing begins at $20k USD and typically takes 3-4 months for completion.
E-Learning Software Development
E-Learning Software Development

iOS Based App Development

Launch your app with Alpha Bravo Development on the iOS App Store.

E-Learning Software Development

Android App Development

We build both Android native and hybrid apps for the Google Play store. We focus on developing user-friendly, straightforward Android apps, then optimizing based on user data. 

Our Android app pricing begins at $20k USD and typically takes 3-4 months for completion.

Android Based App Development

Launch your app with Alpha Bravo Development on the Google Play Store.

E-Learning Software Development

Need Financing For Your App?

You’re in luck! We offer zero-interest financing plans with flexible terms for our app projects.

Skip the banks, long underwriting process, lengthly applications, and high interest payments. 


0.00% APR



*Financing is only offered to Alpha Bravo Development clients after a credit and financial evaluation.

E-Learning Software Development

Custom App Building Process

E-Learning Software Development
Research & Prototype

We start by researching and creating a mockup prototype of your iOS/Android app. 

E-Learning Software Development
Front/Backend Development

After prototype is complete, we begin to develop the frontend and backend of your custom app. 

E-Learning Software Development
Testing & Launch

After your app’s design and functionality is complete, we fully test then launch your product online. 

E-Learning Software Development
Support & Marketing

After your app is launched, we’ll continue to maintain, support, and market it. 

Custom Integrations & Development

As a custom software development company, Alpha Bravo Development takes on projects based on our clients’ needs. This means we can develop anything you need, including custom integrations for your existing learning management systems or student information systems. 

Our skilled programmers and developers have years of experience working with all kinds of learning management and student information systems.

Because of this experience, we can customize integrations to a variety of third-party systems and APIs. This includes some of the leading LMS and SIS options in the education sector, such as:

− Canvas
− Inquisiq LMS
− Adobe Captivate Prime
− SAP Litmos LMS
− Moodle
− Docebo

No task is too large or too small for us. Whether you need help with large-scale data migration or need to add a single feature or function, we have to tools and experience needed to get it done.

At Alpha Bravo Development, we’re happy to take on any custom development project that helps you run your school or business more efficiently and effectively.

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