App & Software Management

Support and manage your mobile/web-based application with Alpha Bravo Development.

We Help Support Your Web/Mobile Based App

Keeping your web/mobile-based application is no easy task. At Alpha Bravo Development, we offer fully managed services to help support, maintain, advertise, and expand your platform. 

  • Servers & Hosting
  • User Analytics 
  • Payment Processing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Development Upgrades & Services 
  • Customer Support
Mental Fitness App - Web App Development Agency

We Help Support Your Web/Mobile Based App. 

  • Hosting & Server Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • Customer Support
  • Platform Optimization
  • New Feature Development
  • On-Going Development
  • 3rd Party API Management
  • Data Management
Hosting, Maintenance & Support

Keep the lights on post-launch with Alpha Bravo Development.

We Design Easy To Use Web Applications

App & Software Management
Sales & Marketing

Scale your product from it’s first customer, to infinity. 

  • Google PPC Management
  • Facebook PPC Management
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Advanced Automated Email
  • Web & Social Retargeting
  • Lead Generation Based Ads

Custom App Process

App & Software Management
Research & Prototype

We start by researching and creating a mockup prototype of your iOS/Android app. 

App & Software Management
Front/Backend Development

After prototype is complete, we begin to develop the frontend and backend of your custom app. 

App & Software Management
Testing & Launch

After your app’s design and functionality is complete, we fully test then launch your product online. 

App & Software Management
Support & Marketing

After your app is launched, we’ll continue to maintain, support, and market it. 

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